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Breyer - ObsidianZoom

Breyer - Obsidian

Item# BREYER-001841
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Breyer - Obsidian.

Traditional Series - 1:9 Scale


As enchanting as it is elusive, the unicorn remains one of the most beloved mythical creatures in the world. Obsidianís night-black coat blends into the shadows, except for the glint of his horn, and the delicate glittery shimmer of his mane, tail, and leg feathers when they catch the light.

We are excited to have this unique unicorn sculpture added to our Breyer family of unicorns!

Part of the Traditional Horses Series by Breyer. Hand Painted.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: BREYER-001841

by Breyer

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 8+ Years

Breyer - Breyer Obsidian by Breyer-001841

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