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Auroroa  - Unicorn (Breyer)Zoom

Auroroa - Unicorn (Breyer)

Item# BREYER-062059
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Breyer - Auroroa - Unicorn

1:12 Scale

When you want to play with horses, it has to be Breyer! Authentically sculpted and hand-painted!

Perfect for the horse crazy girl, nothing is a greater introduction to the wonderful world of horse play than Breyer® Classics® model horses and accessories! With our model horse collection, you can join new friends and learn all about the many breeds and colors of horses, as well as how to take care of them.

While most of her unicorn herd prefers to venture out at night, Aurora makes her appearance at the break of day, bringing with her the light of dawn! As bright and warm as her name, Aurora's joyful presence is welcomed by all the flora and fauna living in her forest. Her pearlescent pink coat is kissed by the sun's morning glow, and her flowing mane and tail sparkle in the sunlight!

Part of the Freedom Series by Breyer. Hand Painted.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: BREYER-62059

by Breyer

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 8+ Years

Breyer Auroroa Unicorn #62059

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