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Breyer - Arctic Grandeur - 2021 Holiday HorseZoom

Breyer - Arctic Grandeur - 2021 Holiday Horse

Item# BREYER-700124
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Breyer - Arctic Grandeur - 2021 Holiday Horse.

Arctic Grandeur is the 25th edition in the well-loved, collectible series of Breyer's Holiday Horses. When you live in the cold, you quickly learn that there’s no such thing as bad weather! Arctic Grandeur is bedecked in holiday finery that is as warm as it is luxurious, which is important when you’re traveling through wintery lands. He’s accompanied by an arctic fox, which is curled up on a bed of greenery atop his blanket.

Arctic Grandeur’s shaded dark grey coat pops against his faux fur-trimmed blanket. Decorated with touches of rich cranberry, this stallion looks dashing as he collects holiday greenery.

This authentically-sculpted collectible features “Happy Holidays 2021” on his belly.

1:9 Scale

Part of the Traditional Horses Series by Breyer. Hand Painted.

Made of durable synthetic material.
Product Code: BREYER-700124

by Breyer

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 4+ Years

Breyer - Breyer Arctic Grandeur - 2021 Holiday Horse by Breyer-700124

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