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BRIO Railway - Rail & Road Quarry Loading SetZoom

BRIO Railway - Rail & Road Quarry Loading Set

Item# BRIO-33210
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BRIO Railway Rail & Road Loading Set.

Lift and load! This set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track. Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for a safe road transportation to the end destination. A 32 piece set with unique magnetic crane car and cargo flatbed car, 2 trucks to carry heavy loads, 11 track sections, 2 magnetic boulders, 3 road sections, 2 road ramps, a special track crossing with moveable safety gates, rock track section , 2 trestle supports and 3 rock outcroppings. These items are compatible with the BRIO Railway System.

Contains 32 pieces.

Part of the BRIO WOODEN Railway system.

Measures approximatley 19.6 x 27"

Product Code: brio-33210

by BRIO Railway

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

BRIO Railway Rail & Road Loading Set by BRIO Railway 33210

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