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BRIO Railway - Mighty Red Action Locomotive DAMAGED BOXZoom

BRIO Railway - Mighty Red Action Locomotive DAMAGED BOX

Item# D-BRIO-33592
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BRIO Railway Mighty Red Action Locomotive.

Here you have it: the little engine that could. It's a fiery red choo-choo with shining wheels and glossy black trim--a locomotive that will get even the most stubborn loads up and over that hill in time for breakfast. It can haul as many as eight (or more) full-size cars. And it's packed with features, too: flip the power switch, push the yellow button on the front, and it roars into action--whistle blowing, engine chugging, double front headlamp lighting up the track. Another button sends it into reverse--"Clang! Clang!" warns the bell, and the engine begins chugging backward, a flashing red rear light warning off unwary bystanders. A third button stops the engine instantly--even when it's running full speed ahead. These items are compatible with the BRIO Railway System.

2x AAA Batteries Not Included.

Part of the BRIO WOODEN Railway system.

Measures approximatley 5.25"

Product Code: brio-33592

by BRIO Railway

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

BRIO Railway Mighty Red Action Locomotive by BRIO Railway 33592

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