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BRIO Railway - Lumber TruckZoom

BRIO Railway - Lumber Truck

Item# BRIO-33657
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BRIO Railway - Lumber Truck.

The Lumber Truck is ready to transport some serious loads across the BRIO World. This long, red semi-truck and detachable trailer features a hidden engine that can be found when the semi-truck cabin is tilted forward, as well as a magnet on the rear of the trailer to connect to any BRIO World wagon. Lift the red trailer cover off to reveal the three wooden log loads stored safely underneath, each with a metallic pin to connect to any magnetic crane in the BRIO World railway.

Part of the BRIO WOODEN Railway system.

Product Code: BRIO-33657

BRIO Railway 33657

by BRIO Railway

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Brio Railway - Lumber Truck by BRIO Railway 33657

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