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Chuggington WOOD - GREEN Wilson ChuggerZoom

Chuggington WOOD - GREEN Wilson Chugger

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Special Edition GREEN Wilson Chugger.

Part of the Chuggington WOODEN Railway.

Based on the popular Chuggington character from the Chuggington television series, Wilson is a lively red engine (a.k.a. Chugger) with lots of enthusiasm and confidence. Wilson's eagerness to help isn't always matched by his enthusiasm to pay attention, however, as Wilson often needs to do a better job of listening and following instructions.

Chuggington Wooden Railway engines and vehicles feature chunky, colorful design and magnetic couplings that are compatible with other wooden train systems. This Wilson Chugger has a front and rear magnet for coupling.

Chuggington WOODEN Railway is NOT compatible with the Chuggington DIECAST Railway System, but according to the manufacturer, Chuggington WOODEN Railway is compatible with Thomas WOODEN Railway.

Product Code: Wilson-Green

by Learning Curve / RC2 / TOMY

Chuggington is a fictional town in the computer-animated television series for children. The series follows the adventures of three young locomotives (a.k.a. Chuggers) as they learn to do their jobs.

Wilson the Chugger is one of three main characters in the series - the other two main characters are Brewster and Koko). As previously mentioned, Wilson is always eager to help, but does need help with paying attention to detail and following instructions.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Chuggington Wooden Railway - Chuggington Green Wilson Chugger by Tomy
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