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Fossilized GastropodZoom

Fossilized Gastropod

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Fossilized Gastropod

Size range in size from 0.75 to 1.5 inches long.

Gastropods make up a large group (a class) of mollusks. They have a muscular foot, eyes, tentacles and a special rasp-like feeding organ (the radula) composed of many tiny teeth. Most gastropods have a coiled or conical shell, which may be extremely reduced in some species or lost entirely as in slugs. Gastropods evolved early in the Cambrian, but since the Paleogene they have become the most common of mollusks, inhabiting aquatic and terrestrial environments. Chalcedonized gastropod shells have been replaced by translucent, fibrous, microcrystalline quartz (SiO2). This variety of quartz is called chalcedony. Chalcedonization is a variety of silicification. Chalcedonized fossils are uncommon. Replacement is a fossil preservation style involving the crystal structure and the mineral of an organism's hard parts being changed. The most common replacement mineral is quartz (silica) (SiO2) - fossils that have been replaced by quartz are said to be silicified (silicification).

The photos are representative of one (1) randomly chosen fossil you will receive. Each fossilized gastropod is nicely packaged with an informational insert.

This is an authentic Moroccan chalcedonized gastropod.

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Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 6+ Years

Prehistoric Fossil - Fossilized Gastropod

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