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Fossilized Mosasaur Tooth

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Fossilized Mosasaur Tooth

Teeth range in size from 0.75 to 1.5 inches long.

Mosasaurs are a family of enormous, extinct, marine reptiles that ruled the seas for 25 million years during the Cretaceous period. Some species including the Mosasaurus could reach lengths in excess of 50 feet and were the apex predator in nearly every part of the seas during their time. Their teeth are commonly preserved within the fossil record.

These are real, fossil Mosasaur teeth from the Late Cretaceous Kem Kem beds of Southern Morocco. These are not perfect teeth, almost all will have wear received during the animals lifetime, may have repaired cracks, and some restoration, etc. The photos are representative of one (1) randomly chosen fossil you will receive. Each fossilized Mosasaur tooth is nicely packaged with an informational insert.

This is an authentic Moroccan Mosasaur tooth.

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Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 6+ Years

Prehistoric Fossil - Fossilized Mosasaur Tooth

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