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Fossilized Shark Tooth - Otodus obliquusZoom

Fossilized Shark Tooth - Otodus obliquus

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Fossilized Shark Tooth - Otodus obliquus

Teeth range in size from 1 to 2 inches long.

Otodus obliquus tooth originating from the Eocene aged Khouribga phosphate mining area of Morocco. Otodus is an extinct mackerel (Lamniformes) shark that lived during the Eocene, approximately 54 million years ago. This is the same family of sharks that includes the Great White and they were likely a distant ancestor to the Megalodon.

The photos are representative of one (1) randomly chosen fossil you will receive. Each fossilized tooth is nicely packaged with an informational insert.

This is an authentic Moroccan Otodus obliquus tooth.

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Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 6+ Years

Prehistoric Fossil - Fossilized Shark Tooth - Otodus obliquus

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