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Playmobil - Horse Transporter

Item# PLAY-06928
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Playmobil - Horse Transporter

1 rider; Animals: 1 horse; Accessories: 1 horse transporter, 1 box with lid, 1 saddle, 1 halter, 1 rein, 1 saddle cloth, 1 crop, 2 bundles of hay, 1 bucket, 1 horse; Accessories for cleaning, 1 tube, 1 riding cap

With space for two horses, which are led into the vehicle over the ramp, which itself can be folded out at the sides. The roof sections can be detached (boot doors must be open). With two sleeping spaces for figures and lots of accessories. Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.4 x 5.5 inches (LxDxH).

Made of durable synthetic material by Playmobil.

Product Code: 06928

Playmobil 06928

by Playmobil

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Playmobil - Horse Transporter 06928 by Playmobil

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