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Playmobil  Wiltopia -  Young ElephantZoom

Playmobil Wiltopia - Young Elephant

Item# PLAY-71049
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Playmobil - Wiltopia Young Elephant

Animal: 1 Young elephant
Accessories: 2 grass, 1 branch, 1 knowledge card

Playmobil Wiltopia Information:

Wiltopia is Playmobils first eco-friendly product range and was designed to teach about animals, nature, the environment and the importance of sustainability. Items in the line are made of 80% sustainable material (including recycled materails recoved from the recycling loop). Wiltopia also utilizes bio-based plastics which contributes to the color hues of the items. Playmobil is trying hard to minimize the eco footprint of the plastics in their products.

Most Playmobil Wiltopia products come with collectible cards. The card contains information about the animal and their habitat. According to Playmobil, at some point, kids can use the enclosed QR code on the card to use the Wiltopia AP to project an image of the animal right into their room.

Made of durable synthetic material by Playmobil.

Part of the Playmobil Animal Series.

Product Code: 701049

Playmobil 71049

by Playmobil

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 4+ Years

Playmobil Wiltopia - Young Elephant #71049

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