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Safari Ltd. - Baby PteranodonZoom

Safari Ltd. - Baby Pteranodon

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Safari Ltd. - Prehistoric Collection - Baby Pteranodon

Pteranodon was a huge flying reptile with a wingspan of over 20 feet. It belonged to an extinct group of reptiles called pterosaurs. Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs, but were closely related. Pteranodon lived during the Cretaceous Period, about 86 million years ago in what is now western North America. Although Pteranodon and other pterosaurs resembled modern bats, they were not related.

This model is 2 inches long with a 2 inch wingspan. The adult colors have not yet developed, so the baby is still pink, like a baby bird still in its nest.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf301329

Safari 301329

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. - Prehistoric Collection - Baby Pteranodon by Safari Ltd. 301329

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