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Schleich - Mini QuetzalcoatlusZoom

Schleich - Mini Quetzalcoatlus

Item# SCH14539
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Named after an Aztec deity, the Quetzalcoatlus was the largest airworthy animal ever found. With an impressive wingspan of nearly thirteen metres, this reptile also had a long neck and head, and nearly three metres long legs. This reptile, covered with a light fur, had the physique of a bird - with hollow bones and powerful wings, and was able to look for food, wading in the water. Despite its size, the Quetzalcoatlus probably only weighed about 100 kg.

Figure measures approximately 1.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches long

Approximately 1:20 scale

Made of durable synthetic material by Schleich. Hand Painted.

Product Code: SCH14539

Schleich 14539

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich - Mini Quetzalcoatlus by Schleich 14539

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