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Schleich - Feed For Cow & CalfZoom

Schleich - Feed For Cow & Calf

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Schleich - Feed For Cow & Calf.

Includes Milk Can, Bag of Feed Pellets, Water Bucket & Salt Block.

A young calf needs to be looked after especially carefully in the first few weeks of its life. In order to keep it healthy, it should have its own water bucket, which needs to be cleaned every day. After the second week, the little calf gets plenty of feed pellets and top-quality hay. In between, it likes to lick on a salt block. The cow needs a lot to eat and drink, too. In order to produce milk, she now needs a lot of water and high-quality feed, because shortly before calving she stopped eating as much.

Part of the Farm World Series by Schleich.

Made of durable synthetic material by Schleich. Hand Painted.

Product Code: sch42291

Schleich 42291

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich - Feed For Cow & Calf by Schleich 42291

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