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Schleich - Dragon Knight Berserk

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Dragon Knight Berserk. The Dragon Knight berserk is a powerful fighter. There is nobody that lives up to his ferocity and strength. It is said that he is able to lift up his horse! The battle-axe he wields is huge and no one else can swing it. He takes on several foes at once at any time. His powerful battle cry makes the entire world tremble. Most people rather flee than fight against him.

Team colors: Red and Silver

Measures approximately 4.25" inches tall.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted. These Medieval figures come in two main patterns, the red with the Dragon pattern and the blue with the Griffon - but the series also includes Mythical Figures, Courtiers, Arabian Knights, and Crusaders.

They are 1:20 scale, ranging in size from about four inches for the foot soldiers to six inches for the mounted soldiers.

Product Code: SCH70116

Schleich 70116

by Schleich

Part of the World of Knights Series by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ years

Schleich Knights - Dragon Knight Berserk by Schleich 70116

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