2022 Smilodon Toy Reviews

This 2022 Smilodon Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Smildon Dinosaur Model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We have ranked the six Smilodon figures from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Smilodon (a.k.a Saber Tooth Tiger) is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Smilodon figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Smilodon toy model that is best for you. These figures do vary in price, however even the cheapest Smilodon figure has positive attributes – thus budget and which figure you like best are your primary decision factors when selecting a Smilodon toy. All these Smilodon toys are fine figures – there is not one you should avoid.



2022 Smilodon Toy Buying Guide
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2022 New Mojo Smilodon


Best Overall Smilodon Figure: CollectA Smilodon

CollectA SmilodonThis is a tough call, but we are selecting the Collecta Smilodon as the best overall Smilodon toy figure. What really sets this figure out from the other toy Smilodon is the hair texture. Don’t get us wrong, the overall features on the Collecta Smilodon are awesome! But the hair texture on this figure really elevates it. All of the other Smilodon figures are relatively smooth. We love this figure and award it the best Smilodon overall award.

Key Features:
+ Size - The PNSO Smilodon measures approximately: 5 L x 3 H (inches).

+ Best Texture: This is the only figure that has significant textured hair.

+ Great Details – Face is good, teeth are good. We like this figure.

+ Retired – CollectA has dropped this in the USA. Likely to get harder to find..

CollectA Smilodon Review:
While the CollectA Smilodon is not the longest figure, it stands tall, so it looks like one of the largest Smilodons. That is in addition to its great details. We think that this figure has one of the best faces – overall we love this CollectA Smilodon figure and we have selected it as the best overall Smilodon figure.


NEWEST Smilodon Figure: Mojo Smilodon #381032

Mojo Smilodon #381032The New Mojo Smildon was just released in Feb, 2022. This is the most vibrant of the Smilodon toys currently available and received some votes for best overall Smilodon. This is a good figure.

Key Features:
+ Size: 5 inches length x 3 inches tall

+ Vibrant: This is the most colorful of the toy Smilodons available.

+ Face: This figure has a well formed and well painted face.

+ None Noted.

Mojo Smilodon Review:
Mojo now has two Smilodon figures available - This is the newer version - first released in Feb, 2022. The original Mojo Smilodon was a good figure (see review below), this figure is quite different than the original. This figure has a bright paint job and is the most vibrant smilodon toy available. The face on this figure is also very well formed and painted. This figure is more expensive than the original Mojo Smilodon. This figure would be a good addition to your collection.



Most Unique Smilodon Figure: Papo Roaring Smilodon #55067

Papo Roaring Smilodon #55067Clearly, the Papo Roaring Smilodon is the most unique of the Smilodon toys currently available. In fact, some question as to whether or not this is a real representation. We will not make a judgement on that – the Papo Smilodon is a crazy looking Smilodon version.


Key Features:
+ Size: 6.5 inches length x 3.5 inches tall

+ Lion form: The Papo Roaring Smilodon looks more like lion than a tiger.

+ Pose: With the extended front paw – looks ready for battle.

+ Accuracy: Some question whether this is a real representation.
+ Texture: Looks a little plastic-y.

Papo Roaring Smilodon Review:
The Papo Roaring Smilodon is the most unique Smilodon figure on the market today. Regardless of which “tiger” type Smilodon you buy, this figure would augment that as a “lion” type Smilodon model. The form and details are very good on this figure. The texture is a little shiny – we would prefer more texture and less gloss. Overall the Papo Roaring Smilodon is a great figure to add to your Papo dinosaur collection.



Good Smilodon Figure: Papo Smilodon #55022

Papo Smilodon #55022This is a good Smilodon figure by Papo and should be seriously considered.

Key Features:
+ Size: 6.25 inches length x 2.4 inches tall

+ Pose: Low to the ground in a great hunting pose.

+ Texture: Some of the other figures have better texture – more hair definition. >
+ Cost: Gernerally at the top end of the price range.

Papo Smilodon Review:
If you are getting the Papo Roaring Smilodon (55067), the Papo “regular” Smilodon would make a good addition. They are to the same scale and as they are both Papo – they look like a pair. The texture is not our favorite, but still good looking. Overall the Papo Smilodon is a great figure to add to your Papo dinosaur collection.


Least Expensive / Smallest Smilodon Model: Safari Ltd. Smilodon #279-729

Safari Ltd. Smilodon #279729This is the smallest of the Smilodon figures available – but still a good-sized figure (not overly small). The Safari Ltd. figure is generally one of the lower priced Smilodon toy figures available. While a small figure, it has good details and with its low price – represents a good value.

Key Features:
+ Size: 4.25 inches long x 2.7 inches high.

+ Color: The white highlights on the front of this figure are well done.

+ Face: The Safari Ltd. Smilodon has a well done face.

+ Low Cost: Generally the cheapest Smilodon toy currently available.

+ None Noted: For the price / size, this is a good figure.

Safari Ltd. Smilodon #279729 Review:
While this figure is slightly smaller than the other Smilodon figures available, it’s price is generally lower – thus is represents a good value. Overall the Safari Ltd. Smilodon has many nice features. The form is good, the face / teeth are well done, and the paint job is also well done. If you are looking a low priced model, this figure offers you a good value option. Some low end figures are not very good – this is NOT one of those. The Safari Ltd. Smilodon would be a great addition to your dinosaur collection.

Good Smilodon Model: MoJo Smilodon #279-729

MoJo Smilodon #387048Mojo offers two Smilodon figures – this is the original figure. This is a good figure and is the darker of the two Mojo Smilodon versions.

Key Features:
+ Size: 4.5 inches long x 2.5 inches high.

+ Paint Job: This is one of the most colorful of the Smilodon figures available.

+ Form: The MoJo Smilodon overall has a good form.

+ Teeth: Teeth are fine – however these are the only teeth connected to the lower jaw.

MoJo Smilodon #387048 Review:
This is a good and colorful Smilodon figure. The decision on any of these Smilodon toys is generally dependent on simply which figure you prefer. The MoJo Smilodon would be a great addition to your dinosaur collection.


Toy Smilodon Review Conclusions:

You really can’t go wrong with any of the toy Smilodon figures. We Really like the texture of the CollectA Smilodon and thus we award it the “best overall.” If you want the “latest and greatest” you should get the new Mojo Smilodon – while the old / original is a fine figure, MoJo did a great job on the new figure. If you want a unique Smilodon, the Papo Roaring Smilodon (lion) is the most unique – and it goes will paired with the Papo “regular” Smilodon. Even the cheapest figure – the Safari Ltd. Smilodon is a good model with lots of positive features. You really can’t go wrong with any of these Smilodon figures.

This 2022 Smilodon Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Smilodon Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget.

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