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All Horses

Hundreds of toy horses from Schleich, Papo, CollectA, Safari Ltd, and Mojo. Compare like breeds - head to head and side by side. Select your favorite of any given breed.

Toy Horses and Toy Equestrian Figures

Literally 100s of toy horses to choose from. A vitural rainbow of different horse colors, textures, patterns, and poses. Mares, Geldings, and Foals. Runing toy horses, standing, laying down. We believe we have the largest selection of toy horses on the web. So many toy horses we couldn't even fit them all on one page - we had to list them alphabetically and break them up into sections. All the Horses and Equestrian Figures from Schleich, Papo, CollectA, Safari Ltd, and Mojo on one convenient page. Compare the toy horses of any breed side by side to select the horse that is best for your farm playset.
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