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All Dinosaurs and Prehistoric on ONE convenient page !

Happy Hen Toys has one of the largest online dinosaur toys stores on the web. Dinosaurs from PNSO, Papo, Schleich, Rebor, EoFauna, CollectA, Safari Ltd, and Mojo. Compare figures side by side.

Happy Hen Toys, Ltd. is one of the largest online sellers of high quality toy Dinosaur figures. We have a broad selection of dinosaurs from the best manufacturers: PNSO, Rebor, EoFauna, Papo, Schleich, CollectA, Safari Ltd. and Mojo. We also offer real dinosaur fossils. Due to our size and volume, we often have exclusive deals and models. We often have retired models available.

We are updating our product information to enhance your buying decision. We are creating toy dinosaur buying guides that compare the different models of a specific species. We identify which are the best (and worst) dinosaur figures of a given species. We also are providing pictures beyond just the manufacturer pictures. We want to give you are real sense of what the dinosaur toy actually looks like (as opposed to what the manufacturer wants it to look like).

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