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Guanlong wucaii (Beasts of Mesozoic)Zoom

Guanlong wucaii (Beasts of Mesozoic)

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Beasts of the Mesozoic Guanlong wucaii

Beasts of the Mesozoic Guanlong wucaii Manufacturer Information:

Includes (1) 1/18th scale Guanlong wucaii action figure. Figure measures 8 inches long with 18 points of articulation and includes three pairs of interchangeable feet, and display base with posing rod accessories. Featuring package art by Shannon Beaumont. Recommended for ages 15 and up (contains small parts)

Guanlong wucaii Information:

Guanlong wucaii is a species of dinosaur belonging to the tyrannosauroid group. It is a theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic period, approximately 160 million years ago. Here are some key points of information about Guanlong wucaii:

Discovery: Guanlong wucaii was first discovered in 2006 in the Wucaiwan area of Xinjiang, China. The name "Guanlong" translates to "crowned dragon," and "wucaii" refers to the Wucaiwan area where the fossils were found.

Physical Characteristics: Guanlong was a relatively small dinosaur compared to its later tyrannosaur relatives. It measured about 3 to 4 meters (10 to 13 feet) in length and stood at approximately 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall at the hips. It had long, slender legs and relatively short arms with sharp claws.

Feathers: One of the most notable features of Guanlong wucaii is the presence of feathers. The fossil evidence suggests that it had a covering of simple, filament-like feathers, making it one of the earliest known dinosaurs to display evidence of feathers.

Carnivorous Diet: Like other tyrannosauroids, Guanlong was likely a carnivorous dinosaur, feeding on smaller animals and possibly scavenging for food.

Evolutionary Significance: Guanlong wucaii is considered a significant discovery in the field of paleontology as it helps to bridge the gap between earlier theropods and the later, more well-known tyrannosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex. It provides valuable insights into the early evolution of this group of dinosaurs.

Hand Painted. Product Material: PVC

Product Code: #28751

by Beasts of the Mesozoic

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 15+ Years

Beasts of the Mesozoic - Guanlong wucaii #28751

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