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Schleich Eldrador Figures

No matter which World they hail from–Lava, Ice, Stone or Water – the Schleich Eldrador creatures battle to capture the legendary Super Weapon! Imaginative Play.

There are five worlds of Eldrador: Lava, Water, Stone, Ice, and Jungle. The Lava World has gotten ahold of the “super weapon” – they are using the super weapon to rule over the other Eldrador worlds. The only way for the others worlds to save themselves is to recover the weapon for their own use. But getting the weapon back is not so easy. The super weapon is stuck in a in a Lava rock deep in the heart of the Lava World and is being guarded by the evil Fire Lion.

The only way to save their Eldrador Worlds is for the other Worlds to seize back the super weapon and put a stop to the evil of the Lava World. Each world is sending their best warriors to battle the Lava World. Warriors such as Stone Monster, Ice Griffin, Snow Wolf, Plant Monster, Jungle Creature and more do battle with the Warriors of the Lava World: Fire Eagle, Lava Dragon, Lava Scoprion and the new Lava Smasher are set to defend their world. In the battle for the Super Weapon Set – the Frost Monster actually confronts the Fire Lion – who will get the Super Weapon? Happy Hen Toys carries all the Eldrador Toys and will carry all the new Schleich Eldrador 2022 as soon as they are released.

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