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Papo Sea Life

Papo is building out their Sea Life Line in 2022. Great new figures: Hermit Crab, Shrimp, Lobster, and Leatherback Turtle. Intricate details on these Papo Sea Figures.

Papo Sea Life Figures

Happy Hen Toys is one of the largest online sellers of Papo Sea Life Figures. Papo Sea Life figures are hand painted and are made of a durable synthetic material. Papo has been creating Marine Life animals for over 20 years. Papo aquatic figures are based on scientific knowledge Papo consults with leading marine biologists to obtain the most realistic and accurate physical information to design their models.

Papo offers a complete range of Sea Life figures and Happy Hen Toys sells all current Papo aquatic figures and many rare and retired sea figures. Papo manufactures all of the most popular sea life figures including: Sharks, Whales, Octopus, Narwhal, Killer Whales, Seals, Penguins, Fish, Turtles, Eagles, etc. Happy Hen Toys Ltd. currently sells over 40 different Papo Sea Life Figures and we will carry all the new Papo Sea Life Figures 2022 as soon as they are released in the U.S.A. As we have one of the largest Papo online stores, we often have special exclusive pricing on Papo Animals that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Happy Hen Toys also carries the complete line of Schleich Sea Life, CollectA Sea Life, Safari Ltd. Sea Life, Mojo Sea Life.

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