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Papo Roman Figures

Quality Roman Historical figures are hard to find, but Papo creates a highly detailed Caesar, Centurion, Gladiator, and Legionnaire Figure. High level of realism.

Happy Hen Toys is one of the largest online sellers of Papo Roman Figures. Papo is one of the few figure manufactures still making toy Roman figures. Papo Roman figures are hand painted and are made of a durable synthetic material. Happy Hen Toys sells all current Papo Roman figures. Papo makes great Roman replicas such as Gladiator, Roman Centurion, Roman Legionary, and Caesar and his horse. Happy Hen Toys currently sells all the current Papo toy Roman figures and we will carry all the new Papo Roman figures if they are created. As we have one of the largest Papo online stores, we often have special exclusive pricing on Papo Romans that cannot be matched by our competitors.
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