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All Schleich Pets - Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, and Pets

Dogs and Cats and Rabbits - OH MY! Schleich Cats and Dogs are friendly and get along - no fighting among these figures. Don't forget the rabbits!

Happy Hen Toys is one of the largest online sellers of Schleich Pet Figures. Schleich offers a complete range of Pet figures and Happy Hen Toys, Ltd. sells all current Schleich Pet figures and many rare and retired Pets. Schleich manufactures all of the most popular Pets specializing in Cats and Dogs. Schleich also makes several Pet sets such as the Puppy Pen, Puppy Wagon Ride, Playtime for Cats, and Puppy Agility Training. Happy Hen Toys will carry all the new Schleich Pets 2022 as soon as they are released in the U.S.A. As we have one of the largest Schleich online stores, we often have special exclusive pricing on Schleich Pets that cannot be matched by our competitors. Happy Hen Toys also carries the complete line of Papo Dogs, CollectA Dogs, Cats, and Pets, Safari Ltd. Pets, Mojo Dogs/Pets, PNSO Dogs/Pets.
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