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CollectA Dinosaur Figures

CollectA Dinosaur Figures bring the Prehistoric World to life. Prehistoric Models are crafted with frightening accuracy using the most updated fossil information.

Online CollectA Dinosaur Store

Happy Hen Toys, Ltd. is one of the largest online sellers of CollecA Dinosaurs and CollectA prehistoric animal models. Many people do not know that CollectA has one of the largest selections of Dinosaur Figures. In fact, CollectA offers more prehistoric figures that Papo AND Schleich COMBINED.

CollectA's toy dinosaurs are crafted from a sturdy synthetic material and adorned with hand-painted designs. Rigorous safety assessments are conducted on CollectA's dinosaur models to guarantee they adhere to all relevant toy safety regulations. When creating their sculpts, CollectA strives to rely on scientific facts as much as possible, drawing inspiration from fossil discoveries and the latest paleontological findings. Certain CollectA dinosaur toys may include articulation in the jaw area, depending on availability. Collectors and dinosaur enthusiasts around the world consider CollectA to be one of the most exceptional producers of dinosaur toys available today.

CollectA offers one of the most complete ranges of dinosaurs toys and Happy Hen Toys, Ltd. sells all current CollectA prehistoric models and many rare and retired CollectA dinosaurs. We also carry CollectA Limited Edition Dinosaurs when available. As mentioned, CollectA has one of the largest offerings of Prehistoric figures everything from Afrovenator thru Xiphactinus. Currently over 100 different models. Happy Hen Toys Ltd. will carry all the new CollectA Dinosaurs 2023 as soon as they are released in the U.S.A. As we have one of the largest CollectA online stores, we often have special low pricing on CollectA figures that cannot be matched by our competitors. Happy Hen Toys also carries the complete line of PNSO, CollectA, Schleich, Safari Ltd. and Mojo Dinosaurs. Click HERE to see all our dinosaurs and our informative dinosaur buying guides.

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