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Top 10 Selling Papo Fantasy Figures 2023

Updated 2/14/2023

This Papo Fantasy Figure 2023 Buying Guide gives you an overview of the most popular Papo Fantasy Figures ranked by unit sales so far in 2023. We hope you find this information helpful in selecting which Papo Fantasy / Mutants you would like to add to your collection.

#1 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Merlin #39005

Merlin #39005Merlin, the powerful wizard, stands ready to cast a spell, with a fireball blazing in one hand and a magical staff in the other. His white flowing beard is a striking contrast to his deep blue robe adorned with gold stars. No wonder this Papo Mythical Figure is one of the top sellers every year.

#2 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Skeleton #38908

 Skeleton #38908 This skeleton is an impressive toy due to its ability to glow in the dark. After being exposed to light, the skeleton will emit a greenish hue when removed from the light source. It is also relatively anatomically correct, with arms and legs that can be bent but return to their original position. The skeleton also comes with a staff, which can be held in either of its curled hands.

#3 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Wizard #36021

Wizard #36021 This Papo Wizard figure is a real showstopper! His bright purple and grey color scheme is eye-catching and complemented by a stylish gold-accented hat. His long, white beard adds an extra air of mystery to his mysterious character. His staff is a symbol of his magical power, and it can be used to summon all sorts of wonders. This figure is sure to be a hit with any collector of Papo figures!

#4 Most Popular Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Ice Wolf #36033

Ice Wolf #36033 This magnificent Papo Ice Wolf figure is a great addition to any collection. Its stunning paint job features a shiny grey base with blue ice sparkles, and the high relief texture on the neck and back adds a great detail. Its face is beautifully crafted with slight yellow eyes, making it sure to be a conversation starter. Whether you're a collector or just looking for a great looking fantasy figure, this piece from Papo is sure to impress.

#5 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Spectre #36018

Papo Spectre #36018 Hauntingly scary figure featuring a flowing black robe and silver mask is sure to delight any fan of horror and fantasy. The robe has a high relief texture that adds to the haunting feel, and the detail on the mask is amazing. Highly recommended!

#6 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Papo Ghost #38903

Papo Ghost #38903 The Papo Ghost is the perfect Halloween accessory to make your spooky night complete! With its eerie green glow in the dark, this ghostly figure will startle and surprise unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Complete with an outstretched arm and a ball and chain, this Fantasy Figure from Papo is one of the top selling Halloween decorations around. Get the Papo Ghost today and make your Halloween one to remember!

#7 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Shark Mutant Pirate #39460

 Papo Shark Mutant Pirate #39460This Papo Shark Mutant Pirate is a perfect choice for any pirate enthusiast. Its unique shape and fun pirate clothing make it a great addition to any toy collection. The great sword and dagger shaped like a shark and shark tooth bring a little bit of the sea to your living room. Whether your child is playing make-believe or searching for treasure, this toy will bring hours of imaginative playtime.

#8 Papo Fantasy Figure Toy 2023: Minotaur #38931

Papo Minotaur #38931 This Papo Minotaur figure is an intimidating force to be reckoned with! From the bull head with horns to the detailed breastplate and weapons - a dagger and war hammer - this figure is perfectly crafted for battle. The dark hair and brown and red armor complete the realistic look of this one-of-a-kind figure. Be sure to add this fierce Minotaur to your collection!

#9 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Articulated Goblin#36005

Papo Articulated Goblin #36055 This goofy-looking fantasy figure from Papo is the perfect addition to any fan of fantasy or horror. The figure features an articulated right arm that moves up and down while the left arm and legs are fixed in place. It is finished in a vibrant green color and adorned with an old-fashioned tunic, a purple hat, and metal-looking rings around the neck. No collection is complete without it!

#10 Papo Fantasy Figure 2023: Werewolf #38956

Papo Werewolf #38956 This Papo Werewolf is an intimidating figure, squatting and ready to pounce. It has a hairy back, a vicious face with sharp claws and teeth, and is wearing blue cutoff shorts. It is sure to make a great addition to any collection, and will be a frighteningly fun playmate for any child. This figure is perfect for inspiring creative play and stories, and is sure to bring hours of imaginative fun.

This Papo Fantasy Figure 2023 Buying Guides gives the information you need to identify the best Papo Fantasy Figures 2023. Also, be sure to look at each individual Papo Fantasy Figure page. We have updated the product pictures with ACTUAL product pictures. We provide you with the manufacturer (often retouched) photo, but we also provide you with multiple ACTUAL pictures of the Papo Fantasy Figures. Happy Hen Toys is already one of the largest Papo Toy stores on the web, but we hope by providing you with the best product information that we will become your "go to" Papo online store.

Best Selling Papo Fantasy Figures

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