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Sheep (CollectA)Zoom

Sheep (CollectA)

Item# CA-88008
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The CollectA Sheep figurine is crafted with a rough texture and lifelike details that portrays the curly wool of the standard farm sheep.

The CollectA Sheep measures: 3.25 L x 2.2 T.

CollectA Sheep #88008 Review:

The CollectA Sheep figurine has a rough texture and realistic details, this figure captures the curly wool of the sheep.

The brown hoofs and pink nose provide a pop of color to the figurine, while the overall color is slightly off-yellow (as opposed to a snow white color). Under certain lighting, the sheep's coat also appears to have a slight sheen / shine.

Sheep Information:

Sheep are domesticated animals that are found all around the world. They are herbivores and typically graze on grasses and other vegetation. Sheep are commonly raised for their wool, meat, and milk.

Sheep are social animals and tend to live in flocks, which can range in size from just a few individuals to several hundred. Within a flock, sheep have a hierarchy, with dominant individuals asserting their authority over others. They communicate with each other through a range of vocalizations, body language, and scent marking.

Sheep are known for their thick coats of wool, which can be sheared to produce a variety of textiles. The quality and texture of sheep's wool can vary depending on the breed of the sheep and the conditions in which they are raised. In addition to their wool, sheep are also valued for their meat and milk, which are staples in many cuisines around the world.

Part of the Farm Animal Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CollectA 88008

by CollectA

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

CollectA Farm Animals - Sheep #88008

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