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Pteranodon (CollectA)Zoom

Pteranodon (CollectA)

Item# CA-88039
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Collecta offers 3 Pteranodon models. This is the smallest model. Model is a good reproduction with accurate features. Orange with brown highlights and shading.

The CollectA Pteranodon #88039 measures:
Wingpan = 6.1 wide
Toes to Beak Tip = 3.5 Long
Floor to crest peak (when lying): 1 tall.

Collecta Pteranodon Review:

This is the smallest of the 3 CollectA Pteranodon toy models. This is a simple but nice figure. Orange paint is well accented with brown highlights. Good flying pose. Overall just a solid (but unremarkable model). A good choice for your collection at this price.

Pteranodon Information:

Pteranodon are part of the Pterosaur genus which includes some of the largest flying reptiles. Thus Pteranodons are not dinosaurs, but in fact are flying reptiles. Pteranodons are the most famous Pterosaurs. Over 1,000 Pteranodon fossils have been found. Pteranodons had toothless beaks (similar to birds).

The most distinctive characteristic of the Pteranodon is the cranial crest. The crest was likely just a display feature but may have been used for stability in flight or as a rudder.

Part of the CollectA Dinosaur Series.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: CA88039

CollectA 88039

by CollectA

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

CollectA Dinosaurs - Pteranodon #88039

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