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Agustinia (CollectA)

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The CollectA Agustinia figurine offers a captivating glimpse into the prehistoric world, depicting one of the lesser-known dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous period. Agustinia was a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived approximately 125 million years ago in what is now South America.

This CollectA Agustinia measures approximately 2.5'' tall & 7.5" nose to tail.

Retired / no longer carried by CollectA U.S.A. - Limited to stock on hand.
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Agustinia is known for its unique physical characteristics, including elongated neural spines along its back, which may have supported a sail-like structure or hump. These spines are prominently featured in the CollectA figurine, along with its long neck, bulky body, and stout legs.

Sauropods like Agustinia were some of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth, reaching lengths of up to 50 feet or more and weighing several tons. They were herbivorous dinosaurs with small heads relative to their body size, equipped with peg-like teeth for stripping vegetation.

It had an astonishing arrangement of plates and spikes down its back.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by CollectA. Hand Painted.

Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88061

CollectA 88061

by CollectA

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Agustinia (CollectA)
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CollectA Dinosaurs - Agustinia #88061

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3+ Years

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