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Gigantoraptor (CollectA)

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The CollectA figure accurately represents Gigantoraptor's distinctive anatomy, with a long neck, slender legs, and a large, powerful body. Its arms are portrayed in a raised position, suggesting that it may have been a bipedal dinosaur, using its forelimbs for grasping and manipulating objects.

This CollectA Gigantoraptor measures approximately 2.5'' tall & 5" nose to tail.

Retired / no longer carried by CollectA U.S.A. - Limited to stock on hand.
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As its name suggests, Gigantoraptor was truly gigantic, reaching lengths of up to 8 meters (26 feet) and standing over 3 meters (10 feet) tall at the hip. Despite its massive size, Gigantoraptor was a member of the oviraptorosaur family, characterized by its bird-like features, including a toothless beak and feathers.

Gigantoraptor likely fed on a variety of vegetation, small animals, and possibly eggs, using its large size and strength to overpower prey.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by CollectA.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88307

CollectA 88307

by CollectA

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Gigantoraptor (CollectA)
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CollectA Dinosaurs - Gigantoraptor #88307

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3+ Years

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