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Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)

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Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
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Young Ostrich figures have limited availability options - the walking pose and distant gaze of the CollectA Ostrich chick  walking makes for a charming display piece.

The CollectA Ostrich Chick Walking measures: 1.7"T x 2.3"L.

CollectA Ostrich Chick - Walking #88461 Review:

The walking pose and extended neck capture the essence of a young ostrich exploring the world around it. While the paint and texture are fairly basic, they still manage to convey the distinctive features of an ostrich chick. Additionally, there aren't many options available for young ostrich figurines, making this one a viable choice.

Retired / no longer carried by CollectA U.S.A. - Limited to stock on hand.
Get yours while supplies last!

Ostrich Chick Information:

Ostrich chicks are the offspring of the impressive ostrich, the largest bird in the world. Ostriches are known for their distinctive appearance, with long necks, powerful legs, and striking plumage, and their chicks are just as fascinating to observe.

Ostrich chicks are born with fluffy brown or grey feathers, which help them blend into their surroundings and stay protected from predators. They are also incredibly cute, with oversized eyes and comically long legs that seem to take up most of their bodies.

As they grow, ostrich chicks become more independent and develop their own unique personalities. They are highly social animals, often forming close bonds with their siblings and parents.

Ostrich chicks are also incredibly fast learners, and are able to walk, run, and even feed themselves within hours of hatching. They have a unique diet, consisting of a variety of foods including plants, insects, and small animals.

While ostriches are typically raised for their meat, feathers, and leather, ostrich chicks are sometimes kept as pets or used in educational settings.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by CollectA.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88461

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Ostrich Chick - Walking (CollectA)
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CollectA Ostrich Chick - Walking #88461

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