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The CollectA Tadjik Markhor beautifully depicts the Markhor's robust body, powerful build, and impressive spiral horns, which are a defining characteristic of the species. The coloring and detailing of the figure accurately represent the Markhor's natural appearance, with subtle shading and texturing adding to its realism. 

The CollectA Tadjik Markhor measures approximately 3.25" long by 3.5" tall.

The Tadjik Markhor is a wild goat species native to the mountainous regions of Central Asia, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. Known for its majestic appearance and impressive horns, the Tadjik Markhor is one of the largest and most distinctive wild goats in the world.

Adult males, known as "bucks," possess large, spiral-shaped horns that can reach lengths of up to 160 centimeters and weigh over 25 kilograms. These horns are used for defense, territorial displays, and mating competitions among rival males.

Tadjik Markhor inhabit steep, rocky terrain at high elevations, where they feed on a variety of vegetation, including grasses, herbs, and shrubs. Their thick, woolly coats provide insulation against the cold mountain climate, while their keen agility and sure-footedness enable them to navigate rugged landscapes with ease. Despite their large size, Tadjik Markhor are remarkably agile climbers, capable of scaling sheer cliffs and steep slopes in search of food and shelter.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Part of the Woodland Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88641

CollectA 88641

by CollectA

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CollectA Tadjik Markhor #88641

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