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Australian Stock Horse Stallion - Chestnut (CollectA)

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The CollectA Australian Stock Horse Stallion - Chestnut showcases its muscular build, well-defined chest, and powerful legs. The chestnut coat color, which features a rich, reddish-brown depicted with realistic shading and texture. The figure is displayed mid-gallop reflecting its energetic and spirited nature. 

The CollectA Australian Stock Horse Stallion - Chestnut
measures approx in inches: 5.9 L x 4 H.

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The Australian Stock Horse is a breed renowned for its versatility, strength, and stamina, making it a favorite among equestrians in Australia and beyond. This breed has a storied history that dates back to the arrival of the first horses with European settlers in the late 18th century. These initial horses were a mix of various breeds, including Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Timor ponies, which were selectively bred over time to create the Australian Stock Horse. 

Australian Stock Horses are known for their well-balanced and athletic conformation. They typically stand between 14 and 16 hands high and possess a muscular build that allows for both power and agility. Their strong legs and well-developed joints are crucial for the demanding tasks they often perform, such as mustering cattle and navigating challenging landscapes. The breed is also recognized for its intelligence, calm temperament, and willingness to work, traits that make it highly trainable and reliable in various roles.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Part of the Horse Country Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88712

CollectA 88712

by CollectA

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Australian Stock Horse Stallion - Chestnut (CollectA)
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CollectA Australian Stock Horse Stallion - Chestnut #88712

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