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Secretary Bird (CollectA)

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The CollectA Secretary Bird the Secretary Bird boasts a distinctive silhouette characterized by its long legs, slender body, and prominent black crest feathers. Its plumage is predominantly gray with black flight feathers and a white underside. The face is adorned with a hooked bill, perfectly adapted for capturing and dispatching its prey.

This CollectA Secretary Bird measures approximately in inches: 2.5 L x 0.7 W x 2.8 H.

The Secretary Bird, is a large bird of prey native to the open grasslands and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Named for its distinct crest of long feathers that resembles quill pens tucked behind the ear of a 19th-century office secretary, this bird is renowned for its striking appearance and unique hunting behavior.

Secretary Birds are formidable hunters known for their ground-based foraging techniques. They primarily feed on small vertebrates such as rodents, snakes, lizards, insects, and even small mammals like hares. Their hunting strategy involves walking through grasslands, flushing out prey with deliberate strides, and using powerful kicks with their long legs to deliver lethal blows to their victims.

Despite their formidable hunting prowess, Secretary Birds are also capable flyers, using their broad wings to soar gracefully above the African savannas. They are often observed in monogamous pairs, with both partners collaborating in nest-building and raising their chicks.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Part of the Wildlife Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88796

CollectA 88796

by CollectA

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Secretary Bird (CollectA)
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CollectA Secretary Bird #88796

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