Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)

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Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
Rhinoceros - White (CollectA)
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The Face on the CollectA White Rhinocerosis particularly striking, thanks to the abundance of wrinkles, the oversized front horn, the accurate square lip and the adorable ears.

The CollectA White Rhinoceros measures: 6.5" L x 3" T.

CollectA White Rhinoceros #88852 Review:

The face of the CollectA White rhinoceros is especially nice, with lots of wrinkles. The ears stick up in an adorable manner, making the figure seem all the more endearing. The horn is also quite impressive, measuring 1.5 inches in length and adding to the overall attractiveness of the figure.

The CollectA White Rhinoceros has a solid weight to it that feels good in the hand. It's not flimsy or cheaply made, but rather has a sturdy construction.

White Rhinoceros Information:

The white rhinoceros is one of the largest land mammals in the world and is found in southern Africa. They are also known as square-lipped rhinoceroses due to their wide, square-shaped lips that are used to graze on grass. The name "white" is believed to be a misinterpretation of the Afrikaans word "wyd," meaning wide, referring to their wide lips.

White rhinoceroses can weigh up to 2,300 kg and stand up to 1.8 meters tall at the shoulder. They have two horns, with the front one being the larger of the two and reaching up to 1.5 meters in length. Unfortunately, this horn has made them a target for poachers, who illegally hunt them for their valuable horns.

White rhinoceroses are social animals and live in groups, known as a crash, which can consist of up to 14 individuals. They communicate with each other through various vocalizations and scent marking. They are primarily grazers, feeding on grasses, but also eat leaves and woody plants when food is scarce.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by CollectA.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

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CollectA Wildlife - White Rhinoceros #88852

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