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Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)

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Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
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The CollectA Appaloosa - Blue Roan has a unique appearance due to the striking variation in its coat. Numerous spots add an incredible depth to the impressive array of colors.

The CollectA Appaloosa - Blue Roan measures: 5.5"L x 4.5" T.

CollectA Appaloosa - Blue Roan #88947 Review:

This horse features a beautiful, multi-colored coat ranging from white through multiple shades of grey to black, creating a truly unique and eye-catching appearance.

What sets this horse apart is the variation in its coat, which really pops with additional spots on top of all these shades. These spots add incredible depth to the coat of this horse, making it a truly remarkable and lifelike replica of the Appaloosa breed.

The Collecta Appaloosa - Blue Roan also boasts a deep black mane and tail, which perfectly complement the striking colors of the coat. A truly good-looking, lifelike model.

Appaloosa - Blue Roan Information:

Appaloosas are a breed of horse that is known for their distinctive spotted coat patterns. Blue Roan Appaloosas are a particularly striking variation, with a deep blue-grey base coat and white spots that resemble stars in the night sky. These horses are highly prized for their beauty and unique coloring, and are often used for pleasure riding, showing, and ranch work.

In addition to their striking appearance, Blue Roan Appaloosas are also known for their intelligence and strong work ethic. They are highly trainable and respond well to positive reinforcement, making them an ideal choice for riders and trainers of all experience levels.

Appaloosas have a rich history that dates back to the Nez Perce tribe of Native Americans, who bred these horses for their beauty, strength, and endurance. Today, they are considered one of the most versatile and well-rounded breeds of horse, with the ability to excel in a wide range of disciplines, from dressage and jumping to trail riding and western performance events.

Part of the Horse Series by CollectA.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88947

CollectA 88947

by CollectA

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Appaloosa - Blue Roan (CollectA)
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CollectA Appaloosa - Blue Roan #88947

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