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Fossilized Camarasaurus Bone FragmentZoom

Fossilized Camarasaurus Bone Fragment

Item# FOS-008
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Medium Fossilized Camarasaurus Bone Fragment

Collected from the Morrison Formation in Morrison, Colorado.

There may be some remaining plaster on your bone fragment. This can be scrubbed off with some water and a brush. A fun activity for young dinosaur enthusiasts!

Camarasaurus was a genus of quadrupedal, herbivorous dinosaurs and is the most common North American sauropod fossil. Its fossil remains have been found in the Morrison Formation, dating to the Late Jurassic epoch, between 155 and 145 million years ago.
Mass: 44,000 lbs
Lived: 163.5 million years ago - 93.9 million years ago (Jurassic - Cenomanian)
Length: 25 66 ft.

The photos are representative of one (1) randomly chosen fossil you will receive. Each fossilized bone fragment is nicely packaged with an informational insert.

This is an authentic Camarasaurus Bone Fragment.

Please be aware of the nature of fossils:
Being buried under the ground for millions of years under tons of pressure tends to be rough. No fossil comes out of the ground whole and perfect. Most fossils have undergone some restoration, while others are altered by man simply to enhance their presentation in different ways. The workers do a very professional job, unearthing and preserving these natural treasures, however, commonly natural cracks are visible on the surface. These are part of the natural beauty of the fossil and not considered defects.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 6+ Years

Prehistoric Fossil - Fossilized Camarasaurus Bone Fragment

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