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Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)

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Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
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Haolonggood Carnotaurus Zhou tong measures: 8.8" L x 1.3" W x 3.7" H


Carnotaurus Infirmation:

Carnotaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 70-72 million years ago. Its name, Carnotaurus, means "meat-eating bull," and it was named for the distinctive horns on its head.

Carnotaurus was a medium-sized theropod dinosaur, with an estimated length of about 25 feet (7.5 meters).
One of its most distinctive features was a pair of small, horn-like structures above its eyes. These horns were likely used for display or to identify individuals within the species.
It had short, stubby arms, even by theropod standards, with only two functional fingers on each hand.
Its body was relatively deep and its tail was relatively short compared to some other theropods.

Fossils of Carnotaurus have been found in South America, specifically in Argentina. It lived in what is now Patagonia during the Late Cretaceous period.

Carnotaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur, and its diet likely consisted of other smaller dinosaurs. The structure of its teeth suggests that it was adapted for capturing and tearing flesh.

Some paleontologists believe that Carnotaurus may have been a relatively fast runner, given its long legs and lightweight build. However, this is still a topic of scientific debate.

The first fossils of Carnotaurus were discovered in 1984 by paleontologist José Bonaparte in Argentina. The fossils included a well-preserved skull, which helped scientists understand its unique features.

Carnotaurus is classified as a theropod dinosaur within the Abelisauridae family. Abelisaurids were a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that typically had reduced forelimbs and robust skulls.
Carnotaurus is one of the more well-known dinosaurs due to its distinctive appearance, particularly the horns on its head. It has been featured in various documentaries, books, and other media that explore prehistoric life.

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Carnotaurus - Zhou tong (Haolonggood)
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