2022 Megalodon Shark Toy Reviews

2022 Megalodon Shark Toy Reviews

This 2022 Megalodon Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Megalodon Shark Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget.

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2022 Megalodon Toy Comparison Picture Tops
2022 Megalodon Toy Comparison Picture

We have ranked the five Megalodon Dinosaurs from best to worst. However that doesn't mean the highest rated Megalodon is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Megalodon figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Megalodon toy that is best for you.

We recommend any of the first four Megalodons, but do not recommend the Safari Ltd. Megalodon.

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Best Megalodon Toy Figure: PNSO Megalodon #10 (Larger Size)

NSO Megalodon #10 (Larger Size)As its "top of the line Megalodon," PNSO went all out and created a simply a magnificent model. It should be noted that PNSO has 2 versions of its Patton Megalodon - the Larger Size (Patton #10) and the smaller size (Patton #15). Patton #10 is the best overall Megalodon figure currently available.

Key Features:
+ Large Size - Measures 12 L x 5.5 W x 4.8 H inches and thus is the largest Megalodon available. While it is only 1 inche longer than the second longest Megalodon (CollectA #88887), its girth is 9 inches around vs. 7 inches for the CollectA Megalodon - so it simply seems MUCH larger.

+ Great Details - As you would expect to find in a figure at this price point, the details are simply amazing.

+ Price - Almost twice as expensive as the next most expensive model.

PNSO Patton #10 Megalodon Review
Ignoring price, this is the best figure available. It has a great form - it is easy to imagine it swimming thru the water to eat you. The mouth on this figure really sets it apart. Three rows of ferocious teeth and great coloring inside the mouth. The paint, the shading, the underside folds - top of the line quality. This figure comes with a display stand. If cost is no option - this is the Megalodon model for you!

Best Value: Papo Megalodon #55087

Papo Megalodon #55087Released in 2021, this is a great addition to the toy Megalodon options. It is the second cheapest of the toy Megalodons but with its high level of detail is the model we selected as the best value Megalodon.

Key Features:
+ Size: 8 inches length x 4 inches width x 2.5 inches tall (third largest)

+ Low Price: Second lowest priced Megalodon available but yet with great details.

Papo Megalodon Review
The Papo Megalodon was released 12/2021.

The Papo Megalodon is a medium grey in color which we like as it makes the other (darker) details "pop" off the figure. Some of the details get lost on some of the other darker figures. The Papo Megalodon has a well sculpted mouth. It has 2 rows of teeth on the bottom, but only one row of teeth on its upper jaw. One paint feature we really like is the that the inside of the gills are NOT painted pink. We feel that on some of the other models the pink gills look too fake. This model has lots of nice detail on the sides and overall is a very nice figure. While the Papo Megalodon does not have a moveable jaw, it is ranked as the best relative value due to the quality of the figure you get at this price.

Best Moveable Jaw: PNSO Megalodon #15

PNSO Megalodon #15Size: This is the smaller of the two PNSO Megalodons. This is a very good model.

Key Features:
+ Size: 6.2 inches x 3.5 inches wide x 2.3 inches high

+ Best Moveable Jaw: While this figure is smaller than the CollectA Megalodon, its jaw opens twice as far. This is the best moveable Megaloson jaw on the market.

PNSO Megalodon #15 Review:
Like its bigger brother (Patton #10), PNSO did a great job on this Megalodon model. This version is not simply a smaller version of the larger model - it has a different sculpt with different features. Most notably, this figure has a moveable jaw (and the jaw opens really wide for its size). This model is darker in color than some of the other models and we feel it looks more "mean" than some of the other models. It has 3 rows of teeth and a well painted mouth / throat. Overall a very nice Megalodon model which would look good in your collection. The aggressive curve on this model reduces its overall length

Good Model: CollectA Megalodon #88887

CollectA Megalodon #88887Key Features:
+ Large Size - Measures 11 L x 3.5 H x 5.2 W inches and thus is the second largest Megalodon available.

+ Moveable Jaw: Only 2 of the toy Megalodons have moveable jaws (the other is the smaller PNSO Patton Megalodon #15)

+ Weight / Heft - This is the heaviest of the Megalodons and has a great heft in your hand.

Mouth sculpt is not as good as some of the other models. While it has a moveable jaw that opens and closes, range is limited as it only opens a little more than ― an inch. Teeth are not as well defined as some of the other models.

CollectA Megalodon Review:
CollectA did a very solid job on this Megalodon figure. This is the second largest of the Megaldon Shark Toys available. It is a solid toy and has a good relative heft to it. The sculpt is well done with a lot of great details (such as skin cracks).

The jaw is movable, but does not open as wide as some of the other models with moveable jaws. It does have 3 rows of teeth (upper and lower, but the upper 3rd row is hard to distinguish.

The CollectA Megalodon is very dark in color, as such some of the smaller details get lost as the dark details get lost on the darker base. For example, the Papo Megalodon is not as dark, so the details "pop" more on that figure.

Overall, if you are looking for a larger Megalodon Toy without breaking the $$ bank, the CollectA Megalodon #88887 is a great option for you.

Safari Ltd. Megalodon - #303-329:

Safari Ltd. Megalodon - #303-329Key Features:

+ Size: 7 inches length x 4 inches width x 2.7 inches tall (third largest)

+ Best Feature: Lowest Cost

Comical mouth sculpt - details not a refined as the other models.

Safafri Ltd. Megalodon Review
Safari Ltd. Makes some great figures - this is not one of them This is the cheapest of the Megalodon figures and it shows. The Safari Ltd. Megalodon has 3 rows of teeth in a fixed (non-moveable) jaw, but they are not well sculpted relative to any of the other figures. The internal mouth paint is too pink and is missing any internal detail. It is missing many of the details of the other models and is painted a flat grey.

If cost is your only factor and you absolutely are looking for the cheapest Megalodon figure and that is your only criteria - then this is the figure for you. We do not recommend this figure - if your budget in any way allows - step up to the next cheapest figure - the Papo Megalodon #55057. You will be much happier with the Papo Megalodon model.

Toy Megalodon Details:

Toy Megalodon Size:

The Megalodons ranked by size (Length x Width x Height in inches) are:
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #10 12 L x 5.5 W x 4.8 H.
+ Collecta Megalodon - #88887 10.5 L x 5.0 W x 3.7 H.
+ Papo Megalodon - #55087 8.0 L x 4.0 W x 1.5 H.
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #15 6.2 L x 3.5 W x 2.3 H.
+ Safari Ltd. Megalodon - #303-329 7.0 L x 4.0 W x 2.7 H

Fixed Jaw vs. Moveable Jaw:

A major decision factors is if the toy Megalodon model has a moveable jaw.

Two Megalodon toy models have moveable jaws:
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #15
+ Collecta Megalodon - #88887

The other 3 models have fixed jaws:
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #10
+ Papo Megalodon - #55087
+ Safari Ltd. Megalodon - #303-329

Toy Megalodon Review Conclusion:

Depending on your budget you would be happy with any of the following 4 Megalodon Toys:
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #10 (most expensive)
+ PNSO Megalodon - Patton #15
+ CollectA Megalodon - #88887
+ Papo Megalodon - #55087 (least expensive of these 4)

This Megalodon Model is not to the same level of quality as the others (and should be avoided):
+ Safari Ltd. Megalodon - #303-329