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Woolly Rhino (Mojo)

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Woolly Rhino (Mojo)
Woolly Rhino (Mojo)
Woolly Rhino (Mojo)
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A great model of the extinct Woolly Rhino full of expression and detail. The hairy hide, little ears and BIG horns make for a great figure. A favorite by Mojo.


Mojo Woolly Rhino Measures: 7.." L x 1.9" W x 3.1" tall.

Woolly Rhino Information:

The "woolly rhinoceros" (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is an extinct species of rhinoceros that lived during the Pleistocene epoch. Here are some key features and facts about the woolly rhinoceros:

  1. Appearance: The woolly rhinoceros had a distinctive appearance with a thick, shaggy coat of fur, adapted to the cold environments of the Pleistocene. It also had a pair of long, curved horns on its snout.

  2. Habitat: Woolly rhinoceroses were adapted to the cold, grassy plains of Eurasia. They lived in regions that are now parts of Europe and Asia.

  3. Diet: These rhinoceroses were herbivores, primarily feeding on grasses and other vegetation.

  4. Extinction: The woolly rhinoceros became extinct around 10,000 years ago, likely due to a combination of climate change and human hunting. Fossil evidence suggests that they coexisted with early humans.

  5. Paleolithic Art: The woolly rhinoceros is often depicted in Paleolithic cave paintings, such as those found in France and Spain. These artistic representations provide insights into the interactions between humans and these now-extinct animals.

  6. Size: Adult woolly rhinoceroses were large, with an estimated shoulder height of about 6.6 feet (2 meters) and a length of around 12 feet (3.6 meters).

  7. Horns: The woolly rhinoceros had two horns on its snout. The larger front horn could reach lengths of up to 3.9 feet (1.2 meters).

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Woolly Rhino (Mojo)
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