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Giraffe Calf (Mojo)Zoom

Giraffe Calf (Mojo)

Item# MOJO-381034
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Figure has a slight and cute twist to its neck and head. The head of the figure is well designed with deep black eyes.

The Mojo Giraffe Calf #381034 measures: 3 L x 4.25 T.

Mojo Giraffe Calf #381034 Review:

Figure has a slight and adorable twist to its neck and head.

The head of the figure is well designed. The eyes are large and expressive.

Not all the spots on the figure are solid. Some of them have white speckles. This is the only giraffe calf we know of that has these speckles.

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Giraffe Calf Information:

Giraffe calves, with their adorable appearance, are among the most charming animals in the wild. Upon a 15-month gestation period, they are born with the remarkable ability to stand and walk within hours. These little creatures weigh around 100-150 pounds at birth and measure about six feet tall. Notably, they are born with ossicones, the bony projections on their head that will eventually develop into the iconic giraffe horns.

During their early months of life, giraffe calves depend on their mothers for safety and nourishment. They suckle on their mother's milk for almost a year and stay close to her for protection. Nevertheless, these young ones exhibit an independent and curious nature that drives them to explore their surroundings and socialize with other calves.

Since predators such as lions, hyenas, and wild dogs pose a threat to their survival, giraffe calves must remain vigilant and stay near their mothers. However, as they mature, they become less susceptible and develop the skills to defend themselves. Ultimately, these fascinating creatures play a vital role in preserving the balance of their ecosystem.

Part of the Wild Life Series by Mojo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Mojo 381034

by Mojo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Mojo Wildlife - Giraffe Calf #381034

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