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A golden eagle figure with wings spread open wide as it swoops in to snatch its unsuspecting prey. Well-designed and painted model by Mojo is new in 2023.

Mojo Golden Eagle measures:
2" T x 6.2" L x 2.7" W.

Mojo Golden Eagle Review:

The first thing that caught my eye was the wingspan of the Golden Eagle model. With its wings spread wide, it creates a sense of majestic motion and realism. The intricate feather detailing along the wings is well done, capturing the essence of the eagle's flight. One of the standout features of this model is its lifelike representation of the golden eagle's physical characteristics. The rich brown paint chosen for the body of the eagle gives it a realistic appearance, mimicking the bird's natural coloration with finesse. The attention to detail on the eyes and beak of the golden eagle is particularly nice.

Golden Eagle Information:

Golden eagles are majestic birds of prey renowned for their striking appearance and formidable hunting skills. With their dark brown bodies, powerful wingspan reaching up to seven feet, and a golden crown of feathers on their heads, they command attention wherever they soar. These birds are found across the Northern Hemisphere, inhabiting rugged mountainous regions, open grasslands, and deserts. Equipped with sharp eyesight and strong talons, they are expert hunters, capable of taking down prey as large as deer and small mammals. Golden eagles are also known for their agility in flight, effortlessly riding thermals, and performing acrobatic maneuvers. Despite their fierce and solitary nature, they exhibit remarkable loyalty to their mates, often forming lifelong bonds. With their regal presence and commanding grace, golden eagles epitomize the essence of the untamed wilderness.

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by Mojo

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Mojo Wildlife - Golden Eagle #381051

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