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Shark - Great White Deluxe (Mojo)

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The Mojo Great White Deluxe figure captures the powerful build and sleek form of the great white shark. The sculpted body displays the shark's torpedo-shaped form, emphasizing its streamlined efficiency for fast swimming. The figure accurately portrays the great white's distinctive features, such as its conical snout, large pectoral fins, and crescent-shaped tail.

The coloration is accurate, with a white underside and a grayish top side that helps the shark blend into the ocean depths. The wide, gaping mouth reveals a row of sharp, triangular teeth, adding to the lifelike appearance. 

The Mojo Great White Shark - Deluxe figure measures approx: 8 L x 3.7 H x 4 W inches.

The great white shark is one of the most well-known and feared marine animals, often referred to as the "apex predator" of the ocean. These sharks can be found in coastal surface waters of all major oceans and are particularly prevalent in waters off South Africa, Australia, California, and the northeastern United States. Great whites can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh over 2 tons, making them among the largest predatory fish in the sea.

Great white sharks are easily recognizable by their robust, torpedo-shaped bodies, which are designed for power and speed. They have a distinctive coloration pattern known as countershading, with a white belly and a darker gray or blue back. This coloration helps them blend into the ocean when viewed from above or below, aiding in their stealth when hunting.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Mojo.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: MOJO-387279

Mojo 387279

by Mojo

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Shark - Great White Deluxe (Mojo)
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Mojo Sea Life - Great White Deluxe #387279

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