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Mojo - Blue GroperZoom

Mojo - Blue Groper

Item# MOJO-387356
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The model's varied range of blue hues adds to its captivating charm of this figure. Well applied (brownish) accents add an additional level of detail.

The Mojo Blue Groper #387356 measures: 5.3 L x 1 W x 2.7 T.

Mojo Blue Groper #387356 Review:

Be aware, this fish figure is oversized when compared to many other fish figures.

Also be aware that there is some debate as to whether this is a Blue Groper or a "Humphead Wrasse." Mojo calls it a Blue Groper so we will leave the name as such. Regardless, this is a good looking, oversize blue fish.

Most noticeable is the bright coloring on this figure. The vibrant blue base is well-highlighted with brownish accents on the scales, providing a beautiful contrast that makes the colors pop. The model's range of blue hues also adds to its overall visual appeal.

The Mojo Blue Groper boasts a high relief texture on the entire model, including rough scales on the side, and delicate lines on the fins and tail. The grumpy face of the fish has been well designed, complete with a downturned mouth and striking yellow eyes (though a brighter shade of yellow would make the eyes even more noticeable).

Blue Groper Information:

The blue groper is a strikingly beautiful and iconic fish native to the coastal waters of Australia. These large fish can grow up to 1.2 meters (4 feet) in length and can weigh up to 40 kilograms (88 pounds). They are easily recognizable by their vivid blue and green coloration, which is especially prominent in the males during the breeding season.

Blue gropers are known for their curious and friendly behavior towards divers, and they have become somewhat of a mascot for many dive sites along the Australian coastline. They are also an important part of the coastal ecosystem, playing a role in controlling populations of smaller fish and invertebrates.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Mojo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Mojo 387356

by Mojo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Mojo Sea Life - Blue Groper #387356

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