2022 Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

This 2022 Pachycephalosaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget.

2022 Pachycephalosaurus Toy Buying Guide
2022 Pachycephalosaurus Toy Comparison Picture Tops
2022 Pachycephalosaurus Toy Comparison Picture

We have ranked the five Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaurs from best to worst. However that doesn't mean the highest rated Pachycephalosaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Pachycephalosaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur toy that is best for you.

In a rare situation, we recommend any of the Pachycephalosaurus figures EXCEPT the Austin the Pachycephalosaurus by PNSO. We are not recommending the PNSO Austin due to its cost / feature ratio. We feel there are better values (and better) figures available. NONE of these figures have moveable jaws.

Best Pachycephalosaurus Toy Figure: Safari Ltd. Pachycephalosaurus #100350

Safari Ltd. Pachycephalosaurus #100350Very close call, but we selected the Safari Ltd. Pachycephalosaurus as slightly better than the Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus.

Key Features:
+ Size - Measures 8.25 L x 3.75 H inches and thus is second largest Pachycephalosaurus available.
+ Great Details – Lots of great bumps and points on the body, around the dome, and on the nose.
+ Dome: Dome has “battle damage” – could be done better but nice detail.

+ Closed Mouth: We would prefer and open mouth on this figure.

Safari Ltd. Pachycephalosaurus Review
It was a close call between this figure and Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus as to which would win best Pachycephalosaurus figure. We went with the Safari Ltd. Pachycephalosaurus due to its overall look, paint scheme and size. We like the model (with all the bumps) and feel they did a good job of highlighting that texture with the paint application. The grey and brown complement each other. The dome is well done (the battle damage could be done better), but with the paint, bumps and texture, we are selecting this as the best overall Pachycephalosaurus model.

Best Value: Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus #55005

Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus #55087The Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus is being retired and we are currently offering special pricing on this figure (sale can end at any time). That said, we love this figure at any price.

Key Features:
+ Size: 5.4 inches length x 3.4 inches tall.
+ Low Price: Currently the least expensive Pachycephalosaurus available.
+ Form and Color: We love this model with its blue accent paint.

+ None Noted.

Papo Baby Pachycephalosaurus Review
We love this figure. Lots of great details. Dome is well shaped and has great “line” detailing. We like the open mouth with the black paint. Front hand fingers are well formed (even better than some of the larger figures. Figure is very stable as the tail touches as a third point. Plus we LOVE the paint application with the blue highlights. Very unique so tough to pair this “baby” with one of the “adults”, but this figure is one of the best Pachycephalosaurus and when combined with its low price = no brainer to add to your Papo dinosaur collection.

Good Pachycephalosaurus Figure: Schleich Pachycephalosaurus #15024

Schleich Pachycephalosaurus #15024The Schleich Pachycephalosaurus is the largest Pachycephalosaurus currently available. It was release in 2021. It is a well done figure and a viable option for your collection.

Key Features:
+ Size: 9 inches L x 4.3 inches high.
+Form: Well formed model – stands sturdy.
+Mouth / Head: We like the overall dome – like that the mouth is open highlighting beak.

Boxey Head: We like the overall features of the head, but jaw is a little squared off.

Schleich Pachycephalosaurus Review:
Very nice figure overall. We like the bumps and texture. Orange paint and reddish highlights are well applied. We like the open mouth as opposed to the figures with closed mouths. Figure has large feet so balances very well. This is a good Pachycephalosaurus and a viable option.


Good (Small) Model: CollectA Pachycephalosaurus #88887

CollectA Pachycephalosaurus #88629This is a small figure, but still has some good features. If you need a small Pachycephalosaurus model, this is a good choice.Key Features:
+ Small Size - Measures 3.9 L x 2 H. Small but good features.
Head details: Very good details on such a small head. Yellow highlights “pop”.

+ Base: Figure is fixed to its base and cannot be separated.

CollectA Pachycephalosaurus Review:
If you are looking for small model, this is a viable choice for you. For such a small figure, the details on the head are well done. We really like this model – it only depends on if this is the size that meets your needs.


Least Favorite Model: PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus

 PNSO Austin the PachycephalosaurusThis is a good figure, but is the most expensive of all the Pachycephalosaurus figures. We feel there are better choices for the money .

Key Features:
+ Size: 7 inches length x 2.6 inches tall

+ Form: Very small front arms (we think too small)
+ Mouth: Mouth is closed – beak not well formed – looks odd.
+ Stability: The model we tested was tippy.
+ Cost: Most expensive model

PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus Review
PNSO makes some great figures - this is not one of them. This is good figure – just not great. We feel texture is lacking, Paint is average. Front arms are too small. Dome is good, but mouth is closed and looks a little odd. Just not our favorite PNSO Figure.

Toy Pachycephalosaurus Review Conclusion:

Any of these figures are acceptable depending on what you like. Papo and Safari Ltd. figures are the best overall, but the Schleich and CollectA versions are also very good. PNSO is good, but below average for PNSO based on features and price.

2022 Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews