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Winged Green Dragon w/ Flame (Papo)

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The Papo Winged Green Dragon with Flame figure showcases a powerful green dragon, with its wings fully extended and a fierce expression on its face. The dragon's scales are intricately detailed, with varying shades of green that give it a lifelike appearance. The wings are extended and painted to resemble the leathery appendages of mythical lore, complete with veining and shading that add depth and realism.

The dragon's mouth is open wide, revealing sharp teeth and a vibrant flame that is shooting out, burning everything in its path. The eyes are painted with a menacing glare, capturing the dragon's ferocity. This figure encapsulates the raw power and mythical aura of a dragon.

The Papo Winged Green Dragon w/ Flame measures approximately 4.5" tall.

Dragons are one of the most iconic and enduring creatures in mythology and fantasy literature. The image of a winged green dragon breathing fire is a powerful symbol that evokes awe and terror. Dragons are often depicted as ancient, wise, and immensely powerful beings, capable of both great destruction and profound wisdom. In many cultures, dragons are seen as guardians of treasures, both material and mystical, and they often serve as challenges for heroes in epic tales.

The green dragon, in particular, is frequently associated with nature, earth, and poison in various mythologies. Its green scales are reminiscent of verdant forests and lush landscapes, suggesting a connection to the natural world. The ability to breathe fire adds a layer of danger and unpredictability to the dragon's character, making it a formidable foe in any story.

Part of the Fantasy World Series by Papo.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: 39025-green

Papo 39025

by Papo

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