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Prince Phillip - Red (Papo)

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Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
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The striking combination of vibrant red on his tunic and shield, complemented by the eye-catching gold fleur de lis designs makes this figure a standout

Papo Prince Phillip - Red #39252 measures: 3.6" T (to top of head).

Papo Prince Phillip - Red #39252 Review:

The vibrant red color of his tunic and shield, combined with the eye-catching gold fleur de lis designs, makes this figure stand out among other knights in a collection.

The figure is adorned with intricately detailed armor on the legs and a sturdy helmet, giving him the appearance of being fully equipped for battle. The sword is held high and ready to strike, adding a sense of action to the figure.

With its legs slightly spread, it can stand on its own or be placed on a horse for added realism.

Prince Phillip Information:

Prince Phillip, was a man of great charisma and daring. He was renowned throughout the land for his battle prowess and strategic acumen, having been trained from a young age in the art of combat. He was a master of the sword, lance, and bow, and would lead his troops with courage and determination.

Beyond his battle skills, Prince Phillip was a patron of the arts, commissioning tapestries and works of art to adorn his castle. He was a lover of music and poetry, and would often invite bards and troubadours to perform for him and his guests

Ultimately, Prince Phillip was a hero to the people, a leader who inspires loyalty and devotion in those around him. He was a man of honor and integrity, who stood up for what was right, even when it was difficult or unpopular.

Part of the World of Knights Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 39252

by Papo

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Prince Phillip  - Red (Papo)
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Papo Knights - Prince Phillip Red #39252

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