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Dragon King's Horse - Red (Papo)

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Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
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The unique running pose - with the caparison trailing behind it creates an illusion of movement as if it's ready to charge into battle at any moment.

The Dragon King Knight Horse- Red #39388 measures: 4" T" x 4.7" L.

Papo Dragon King Knight Horse - Red #39388 Review:

The vibrant red caparison of the Dragon King Knight Horse is a striking color that immediately catches the eye. The two dragon crests on each side of the caparison (front and back - 4 total) add an extra level of detail and further enhance the regal appearance of the figure. The horse itself is a deep brown color with a black saddle, which complements the red caparison and gives the figure a cohesive look.

The pose of the horse is impressive, with its legs in a prancing position and the caparison flowing behind it, giving the figure a sense of motion and energy. The armor on the horse's face and mane provides protection in battle and adds an extra layer of detail to the figure. The mouth of the horse is open, as if giving a war yell, which adds an element of excitement and drama to the figure.

Dragon King Knight Information:

During medieval times, a knight adorned with a dragon crest would have been a fearsome sight to behold. His horse would have also been outfitted with a dragon themed covering. The dragon emblem was a powerful symbol of strength, courage, and authority, and was commonly used to represent a knight's lineage, clan, or realm.

The knight would have borne a coat of arms or a shield emblazoned with a dragon, often accompanied by other insignias and hues that signified his loyalty or triumphs. The crest would have been displayed during battles, jousts, and other contests where knights demonstrated their prowess and valor.

The dragon held many connotations for medieval knights. It was viewed as a symbol of ferocity, destruction, and tumult, but it was also associated with royalty, sagacity, and guardianship. To knights, the dragon signified a worthy adversary that they could vanquish through bravery and chivalry.

Part of the World of Knights Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 39388

by Papo

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Dragon King's Horse  - Red (Papo)
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Papo Knights - Dragon Kings Horse Red #39388

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