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Bull Knight - Black and Gold (Papo)

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Knight is uniquely outfitted with a double-headed mace as if the Knight is ready the ready to laungh into battle and defend the reputation of the princess.

The Bull Knight - Black #39917 measures: 4.3" T" x 4." W.

Papo Bull Knight - Black #39917 Review:

The striking feature of this toy is the gold bull head that sits on the top of the helmet. The bull theme is carried over to the breastplate and shield, making this toy a true representation of a knight in battle.

The great gold detailing that offsets against the black of the knight's armor is truly special looking. The gold really pops and adds an extra level of visual interest to the toy. The flowing cape also gives the sense of motion, making the toy appear as if it's charging into battle.

The double-headed mace is another impressive feature of the Papo Bull Knight. It's at the ready to enter battle, and the silver coloring on the mace provides a nice contrast to the gold and black of the knight's armor.

One of the best things about the Papo Bull Knight is its flexibility. It can stand on its own, making it great for display purposes, or it can sit on its battle horse (sold separately) for added playability.

Bull Knight Information:

A medieval knight with a bull crest is a fearsome sight. The bull is a symbol of strength, power, and virility, and to wear its image on one's helmet is to declare oneself a warrior of great might.

These knights were often members of noble families, and they were trained from a young age in the art of warfare. They were skilled in the use of swords, lances, and other weapons, and they were also trained in horsemanship and tactics.

When called upon to fight, these knights would ride into battle clad in heavy armor, carrying a shield and a lance. They would charge at their enemies with reckless abandon, and they would often cut down their foes with a single blow.

The medieval knight with a bull crest was a symbol of chivalry and honor. These knights were sworn to protect the weak and uphold the law, and they were often called upon to fight in the Crusades, a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims.

These knights were also patrons of the arts and sciences, and they helped to promote learning and culture throughout Europe. They were a vital part of medieval society, and their legacy continues to inspire us today..

Part of the World of Knights Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 39917

by Papo

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Bull Knight  - Black and Gold (Papo)
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Papo Bull Knight - Black and Gold #39917

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