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Germanic Knight (Papo)

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Germanic Knight (Papo)
Germanic Knight (Papo)
Germanic Knight (Papo)
Germanic Knight (Papo)
Germanic Knight (Papo)
Germanic Knight (Papo)
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Unique feature in that the face shield on the helmet actually raises to expose the handsome face of the warrior. Nice detailing in the chain mail.

The Papo Germanic Knight #39947 measures: 3.75" T.

Papo Germanic Knight #39947 Review:

The Papo Germanic Knight is wearing armor and chainmail that will make any warrior look and feel invincible. This knight is equipped with a sword, dagger, shield, and a fearsome battle axe, making them a formidable foe. The unique feature of this knight is the face shield on the helmet that can actually be raised and lowered. Whether you're looking to stand your ground on the battlefield, or just to make a bold statement, the Papo Germanic Knight is sure to do the trick.

Like most of the Papo figures, the Germanic Knight is designed to both stand on his own or to ride a horse.

Germanic Knight Information:

The Germanic Knights were a powerful force in the Middle Ages, a time when the Medieval world was in a state of flux. They fought for the Holy Roman Empire, but their presence was much wider. They were a dynamic force in the politics and culture of Europe.

The Germanic Knights were heavily armoured cavalry, often seen as a symbol of wealth and power. Their armour was composed of mail and plate and they carried a variety of weapons including swords, lances, and maces. They were well-trained to fight in battle and were highly skilled with the use of their weapons.

The knights were essential to the maintenance of order in the Medieval world. They provided protection to those who could not protect themselves and served as a deterrent to those who would do them harm. They also served as a source of prestige and honour, often being chosen to lead armies in battle or to serve as advisers to rulers.

Part of the Fantasy Knights Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 39947

by Papo

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Germanic Knight (Papo)
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Papo Germanic Knight #39947

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